The “life blood” of a town is not made of corpuscles and cells, or facts and dates, but rather the stream of people that flow in and out of the community from its birth down the years of its existence.

Perhaps the smaller the community the more it is aware of the exceptional people instrumental in keeping the “life blood” coursing.  Some such personalities will have risen to national and international awareness, while others are known statewide.  Then there are the majority – those village patrons, church leader, town benefactors, concerned citizens.

Cambria is located 40 miles north of Madison, 25 miles east of Portage and 19 miles west of Beaver Dam.

To learn more about the history of Cambria, the book "A History of Cambria" can be viewed at the library.  Please ask the librarian if interested.


Local Organizations & Tourism & History

Bread Basket Community Food Pantry

The pantry is available to residents of Cambria and the close vicinity who may need food on an emergency basis.

For assistance please call 9 am – 5pm, Joanne Sanderson 920-348-5568


Genealogy & Local History

  • For more information about the history of Cambria, contact Mary Jane Winter, President of the Cambria-Friesland Historical Society, 920-348-5940.
  • Genealogy Databases

Local Newspapers


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