Jane Morgan Memorial Library Window

Past and Present window themes:

11/6/17 - Present

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, we have filled our window with a spectrum of books from books about the history of Thanksgiving to Clifford's Thanksgiving dinner!


This time we have filled our windows with just a few of the wonderful things up for bid at our silent auction!

8/22/16-11/16/16 Back to School

Fitting with the time of the year, it's back to school theme! Come check out some back to school reads!

8/31/15-9/12/15 Coffee

Who doesn't enjoy the wonderful smell of coffee?  Now you can read books with special coffee recipes, ingredients, and more!

8-10-15-8/31/15: Boxcar Children special

We are proud to display an amazing children's fiction series in our window.

8-10-15-8/31/15: County Fairs

Tis the season!  Summer is all about fairs!  We will be displaying some books that give you a little bit of information on the fun (and the eats) of some more famous fairs held.

Some books on display were:

  • "Walworth County Fair" by: Taylor Pipes
  • "The County Fair Cookbook"  by: Lyn Stallworth
  • "County Fairs: Where America Meets"  by: John McCarry
  • "Fair!"  by: Ted Lewin
  • "County Fair"  by: Raymond Bial

7/20/15-8-8-15: David Baldacci

In honor of the amazing author David Baldacci, we display some of his most famous titles.

Some books on display were:

  • True Blue
  • Divine Justice
  • Hell's Corner
  • The Forgotten
  • Stone Cold
  • The Innocent
  • The Simple Truth
  • First Family 
  • The Hit

7/20/15-8-8-15: Young Adult Spanish Titles

Window shows our wide variety of young adult and adult books... in spanish!

  • Las Crónicas de Narnia: El León, la Bruja, y el Ropero  by: C.S. Lewis
  • Eragon  by Christopher Paolini
  • En Lllamas  by: Suzanne Collins
  • La última Batalla  by: C.S. Lewis
  • La Clave De Las Llavas  by: Andreu Martin
  • Un Hombre Muy Especial  by: Diana Palmer


7/6/15-7/20/15: Super Hero themed

Fitting with our summer library program theme!  We have several books on display with some of the most interesting adventures of the most famous super heroes.

  • Batman the Brave and the Bold   by: Matt Wayne
  • Superman the Dailies  by: Jerry Sigel and Joc Shuster
  • Batman Adventures  by: Ty Templeton
  • Niño   by: Yuyi Morales
  • Justice League Unlimited: Divide and Conquer 
  • Goofballs Superhero Silliness  by: Tony Abbott
  • Superhero ABC  by: Bob Mcleod

7/6/15-7/20/15: Judy Blume books

We dedicate this window to the wonderful author Judy Blume!

  • Here's to You, Rachel Robinson
  • Going, Going, Gone! with the pain & the great one
  • Just as long as we're together
  • It's Heaven to Be Seven
  • It's Fine to Be Nine
  • Blubber
  • Forever...
  • What your kids wish they could tell you
  • Summer Sisters
  • Then Again, Maybe I Won't
  • Wifey Smart Women
  • It's Not the End of the World

5/4/15-5/18/15: Interesting People

Some books that were on display:

  • Me by: Ricky Martin
  • Amelia Earhart: The Thrill of it by: Susan Wels
  • Johnny Cash: The Life by: Robert Hilburn
  • Steve Jobs by: Walter Isaacson
  • Stories I Only Tell My Friends by: Rob Lowe
  • True Compass by: Edward W. Kennedy


4/13/15-5/1/15: Earth Day

Some books that were on display:

  • National Geographic: Sacred Places of a Lifetime
  • National Geographic: The World's Secret Places
  • Fodor's Road Guide USA: Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas
  • America's Heartland by: Tom Weil
  • Great Plains 2009 Mobil Travel Guide
  • Forbes Travel Guide: 2011 Regional Guide Great Plains